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Metal & Piping

Steel Industries

Steel Products

     • Hot & cold rolled steel
     • Electro-galvanized steel
     • Hot-dip galvanized steel
     • Organically coated plates
     • Steel strips
     • Heavy plates

Special Steel Products

     • Long steel products
     • Narrow strip
     • Forgings and special steel forgings
     • Special alloys for the oil and gas exploration
     • Materials for blades for gas and steam turbines

Metal Engineering Products

     • Rod wire
     • Drawn wire
     • Pre-stressed steel

Metal Forming Products

     • Hollow sections
     • Open special sections
     • Precision parts
     • Structural components


     • Hot Rolling Mills
     • Cold Rolling Mills
     • Strip processing lines
     • Long product Rolling Mills
     • Forging technology
     • Metal Forming Machinery

Dished Ends for Pressure Vessels & Storage Tanks

Plates of any grade suitable for fabrication are made into ends with special pressing machinery. This applies to plates, fine grained structural and Cr/NI steel. Our scope of supply includes different ends of grades RST 37-2, Hill; 4301.1.4541, 1.4571, 304L, 316 having a diameter up to 1200 mm.

Hot Pressing Range

Dished ends of different types and other types up to 2000 mm Dia. and thickness of 120 mm Hemispheres pressed in one single unit, up to 1600 mm Dia. and wall thickness of 100 mm.

Cold-Forming (Dishing and Flanging)

     • All types of dished ends in excess of 2000 mm and up to a wall thickness of 35 mm
     • Dished ends that their inserted roundness is larger than the maximum width of a rolled two piece or multiple piece welded
     • Dished end hemispheres in excess of 8000 mm and 1600 mm Diameter respectively, welded with combined spherical crowns and segments



All types and sizes of seamless and ERW pipes made of CS, SS & alloy steel materials

  • Internal & external coating and lining of piping material

All types of internal and external coatings and linings can be applied on the interior and exterior of C.S pipes, fitting, flanges and valves upon the request of customers. All pipes can be lined internally with Cement, PE or Rubber by centrifugal or mechanical processes and can be coated externally by metallic zinc and then covered by bituminous paint as per the standard BS3416 or by use of PE layers.

  • Various kinds of non-ferrous pipes made from PE, PP & GRP materials

  • Ductile Cast Iron Pipes

We have the capability to supply extensive range of ductile cast iron pipes. All pipes are manufactured by centrifugal process to meet requirements of International Standards including ASTM, API, BS, JS, ISO, DIN & EN.

Tubing in stainless steel compatible to ASTM A269, plain and PVC coated; carbon steel compatible to DIN; Copper tube plain and PVC coated; Nylon, PVC & Polyethylene tubes; all in imperial and metric sizes. Tube bundles in the above mentioned materials are also available with steam or heat tracing.

Valves & Manifolds

Our valves supply is comprised of a range of high integrity valves and manifolds in most materials including 316SS, Monel 400, carbon steel, brass & hastelloy. The supplied valves suit working pressures up to 20,000 Psi with male and female ends NPT, distribution BSPT, BSPP, and socket-weld and butt-weld. Compression ends are also standard type. Manifolds are available in a variety of sizes and materials to suit any requirement. We supply twin and single ferrules compression fittings in 316 stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, cupronickel, Monel 400, carbon steel, brass and hastelloy.

  • Pressure relief, gate, globe, ball, check and butterfly valves

     ABC, provides access to the largest stock of valves for fast delivery including gate, globe, check, ball & butterfly valves and Y-type strainers, in carbon steel and stainless steel, cast as well as forged. All valves meet API, ANSI, BS or DIN standards. Sizes from 1/8" up to 56", class 150 lbs. - 4500 lbs.

  Fittings & Flanges

  • Screwed, socket weld, and outlet fittings

We supply elbows, tees, full couplings, caps, plugs, bushings, hex. nipples, unions, bosses, conc. swage nipples, weldolets, sockolets, thredolets, nipolets, latrolets and elbowelts. Ratings: 150 lbs, 3000 lbs, 6000 lbs and sizes 1/8" to 4" NB. Thread forms include: API, BSPP, BSPT & NPT.

  • Compression fittings

We supply twin and single ferrule compression fittings in 316 stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, cupronickel, Monel 400, carbon steel, brass and hastelloy.

  • Ductile Cast Iron Fittings

All ductile fittings can be lined internally with cement, coated externally by bituminous paint.

Flanges from 1/8" to 56" in all types: slip on, welding neck, socket welding, screwed, spectacle blind, spade, orifice, long welding necks; ratings from 150 lbs. to 2500 lbs. Additionally we can supply special flanges from high alloy material and for very high pressure applications.

Gaskets, Seals, Hoses & Couplings

 ABC, supplies all types of gaskets, ring type joints, spiral wound gaskets, metal jacketed gaskets, graphite gaskets, PTFE steel lined gaskets, jointing material, PTFE sealing tape, chemical hoses, oil and petrol hoses, bulk hoses, hoses for beverages, hydraulic hoses, steam/air/water hoses, couplings, connectors and other accessories.

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