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About Our Founder

        Matt Sadati is a world traveler and renowned serial entrepreneur who has taken the old saying “Find a need and fill it” to heart! Due to the rapid and constant changes taking place in global affairs, there is a considerable need for basic necessities to be provided to newly formed and war torn countries. Now more than ever, regions like Africa and the Middle East are suffering from a debilitating shortage of resources that must be met by the supply of foreign commodities.

Our Staff

        Our San Francisco, CA based team consists of over 50 highly skilled agents. We pride ourselves on the diversity of our team members and the individual strengths they bring with them. Our staff’s unique collective background imparts upon us the ability to speak numerous dialects as well as maintain a comprehensive understanding of regional cultures.

Matt Sadati

Language - English

Jared Prell

Language - English

Nabil Wakileh

Language - English, Arabic

Shifang Sun

Language - English, Mandarin

Walid Khatib

Language - English, Arabic

Nabil H.

Language - English, Arabic

David Abelson

Language - English, Aremeian

Gilbert Sonnet

Language - English, French

Amrit Sidhu

Language - English, Hindi

Jesse Ali

Language - English, Spanish

Arash Halemi

Language - English, Arabic

Lili Santoso

Language - English, Indonesian

Nima Shivan

Language - English, Pashtu

Z. Azizian

Language - English, Malay

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