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We offer our customers different types of electro motors, from 0.75 to 75.000 KW and power generators up to 75 MVA for various equipment & machinery accompanied with couplings and frequency converters (if required) according to industrial standards. (NEMA, IEC, CSA)

Electro Motors & Power generators

We can provide most types of industrial pumps and compressors with electric and diesel drives for various applications including: oil, gas & petrochemical industries, thermal and combined cycle power generation plants, mineral & cement, steel works and water & wastewater treatment.

Pumps & Compressors

  • Centrifugal pumps for general services

  • Centrifugal pumps for Oil, Gas & Petroleum industries

  • Centrifugal fire pumps (split case)

  • Centrifugal fire pumps (vertical turbine)

  • Centrifugal fire pumps (end suction)

  • Diesel-driven fire pumps

  • High Pressure pumps, skid mounted

  • Chemical transfer pumps

  • Chemical injection pumps

  • Gear pumps

  • Multiphase pumps

  • Positive displacement pumps (rotary)

  • Reciprocating & Piston pumps

  • Multi-stage turbine pumps

  • Vertical pumps

  • Submersible pumps

  • Cement pumps


  • Centrifugal gas compressors

  • Positive displacement air compressors (screw)

  • Rotary-Type Positive displacement compressors

  • Axial and Centrifugal compressors

  • Reciprocating air compressors

  • Reciprocating gas compressors

  • Integrally geared centrifugal air compressors

  • Single & two-stage compressors

  • Air, water & oil cooling compressors

  • Electrical, diesel & steam driven compressors

  • Oil -free lubrication compressors

  • Packaged or custom-built compressors


We make use of thermal processing technology for heating, cooling and heat recovery applications. We offer a wide range of heat exchangers made from durable Cu/Ni, stainless steel, aluminum and various other alloys that are efficient, resilient and low maintenance.

Exchangers, Separators & Filters

We offer gas & steam turbines as well as associated equipment for use in power plants and raw hydrocarbon processes. Special purpose fans and blowers to meet individual requirements are also included in our scope of supply.

Turbines, Fans & Shaft Seals

  • Plate heat exchangers

  • Shell-and-tube heat exchangers

  • Air-cooled heat exchangers

Heat Exchangers

  • Air filters

  • Oil filters

  • Air & Oil separators

Separators & Filters

  • Industrial Gas Turbines

  • Diesel Turbines

  • General Purpose Steam Turbines

  • Special Purpose Steam Turbines

  • Natural Gas Turbines

  • Dual Fuel Turbines


  • Axial fan

  • High speed fan

  • Centrifugal fans

  • Two-stage blowers

  • High pressure blowers

Special Purpose Fans

Industrial Equipment

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